A smarter approach to managing hayfever

Google hay fever remedies and you’ll find page after page of information. It’s a condition that affects millions of people that most try and manage through medical and natural therapies. Yet you also need to assess your home environment to find a way to beat hay fever. Installing an air barrier is an essential step as it provides a physical barrier to prevent pollen entering the house.

Hay fever is the common name for ‘allergic rhinitis’. It’s a reaction to allergens breathed in through the nose and mouth. These allergens act as triggers

for the immune system to respond causing nasal passages to become swollen, filled with fluid and quite inflamed in most cases. So if we stop the allergens entering the house and keep it free of other triggers such as dust mites and animal dander, (the tiny scales our pets shed from their hair and skin), you’ll have a much more comfortable environment to live in.

It’s a similar approach to how asthma sufferers manage their condition. Research has shown asthma and hay fever to be closely linked with approximately 80% of asthma sufferers also being affected by hay fever.