Save money on those ever rising energy bills

The average Australian home leaks six times as much air as it should. Why? Because the air barrier is incomplete. Poorly sealed windows, doors, vents and extraction fans create leaks. Gaps in roofs and ceilings that are invisible to the naked eye can also be the cause. Even down-lights and gaps in insulation contribute to leaky buildings. No matter what the cause, leaky air barriers are contributing as much as 25% to the power bill of the average Australian home.

Our houses haven’t been subjected to the same rigorous air barrier standards for building homes seen in other countries. As a result we find ourselves continuously adding heat in the winter and running the air conditioner more in the summer to compensate for the leakages. The simple fact is, the better your air barrier, the less your heating and

cooling systems have to work. And that saves you money. In the last three years alone, energy bills in Australia have risen by up to 50% in some states*.

Weather changes are the single biggest factor that influences how much we need to heat or cool our homes. By creating an air barrier, you can mitigate the effects of fluctuating temperatures outside and maintain an internal environment that is more comfortable and constant.

* The Rise of the Electricity Bill – infographic

using data sourced from the final IPART Report “Changes in regulated electricity retail prices from 1 July 2012″ released 13 June 2012.