Reducing your heating bills starts with draft proofing

Energy bills are expected to double over the next six years in some states, so it makes sense to act now. Everyday without draft proofing is costing you more in energy bills.

Draft proofing your home should be the number one item on your list if you want to reduce your heating costs. Once installed it has an immediate affect on how hard your heating system has to work and will also reduce the level of maintenance required.

It is recommended that you set your winter heating thermostat in the range between 18 – 20°C. Every

degree above that will cost you an additional 10 per cent in your heating bills. Air leaks throughout the home will require more heat to compensate for the loss, driving your energy bill up even further.

Older homes not only face more air leakage problems due to their design, age and building materials, but they often have less efficient heating systems. For houses with wall mounted heaters, it’s critical that air barriers are efficient to compensate for the 30% of the heat lost through the walls. Even brand new six star energy rated homes are not immune from these issues and may still require work to make it draft proof.