The race is on to reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your energy consumption and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. Draft proofing is not only one of the quickest ways to reduce your footprint but also one of the most cost effective.

As windows get older, they start to lose their shape after years of battering by the Australian sun. The weathering effect can be accentuated in climates where there are significant fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Frames get bent out of shape creating gaps between itself and the house where air leaks and infiltrates.

You could go to the expense of replacing the windows, or you could have them draft proofed for a fraction of the cost. No waiting for windows to be measured

up and made. Draft proofing is a quicker process, and, when performed properly, has immediate effects.

The same principle works for doors. Over time, they too suffer as the house shrinks and expands. Once the home is no longer airtight, it’s going to require more energy to maintain comfortable temperatures. Getting a new door is a big decision, not to mention very costly, and will eventually suffer the same fate as it ‘settles in’ to the new house. A quicker and more cost efficient option is to draft proof your door.