Introducing the comprehensive air infiltration reporting and retrofit options tool

To enable energy assessors to visually inspect a home for uncontrolled air infiltration and calculate an approximate cost of retrofitting, we developed a software program named CARROT (Comprehensive Air Infiltration Reporting and Retrofit Options Tool). Using CARROT, assessors are able to rate your home on-the-spot.

The software provides homeowners with an extremely cost effective way to accurately predict the energy loss of your house through air infiltration. Accredited Air Genius technicians assess the data then discuss with homeowners what the best options are to make the building airtight.

It only takes less than an hour of your time to find out how your house performs and have it assessed for unwanted air infiltration. Simply complete the enquiry form here, and a trained CARROT assessor will contact you to make an appointment and provide you with a quote.

Assessors using the CARROT software tool are trained by Air Barrier Draft Proofing in the areas of building science, visual inspections and the use of the software.