A hot (and cold) topic for homeowners

Ever noticed how it’s nearly impossible to maintain a constant temperature throughout the house? The design of your home plays a significant role in how the air flows through – and also how it escapes. If you seal your home against air leaks and gaps though, the ambient temperature naturally evens itself out throughout the interior, creating a much more comfortable environment.

Having hot and cold zones throughout the house is a clear indication that your air barrier is compromised, ineffective or in the cases of older homes almost non-existent. Even if you install insulation and have a new five or six-star energy rated home, those small leaks

can play havoc with your heating and cooling systems, especially with multi-storey dwellings.

In Australia, it is recommended that we try and keep our homes within a particular range to manage energy costs yet stay comfortable. For Summer, we should aim to keep it in the 23-26°C range, and in Winter 18-20°C. However, maintaining the entire house at comfortable temperatures without an air barrier is a monumental challenge. Thankfully you now know there’s a solution at hand.