Fresh, clean air = reduce maintenance.

When draft proofing a home to make it airtight, stale air (especially carbon monoxide) and moisture still need to be expelled. A correctly installed air barrier system will ensure that air in your home will change naturally once every couple of hours at normal atmospheric pressure.

A healthy level of humidity is less than 50%, as this is the threshold at which mould will have difficulty growing and surviving. Not only can mould be unsightly in the home, but it can also become a severe health risk for the elderly and small children due to the spores and toxins released.

When the level of humidity is too high, it doesn’t take long for mould to appear on paper, walls, wood, paint, wallpaper and window seals. Removing mould can be a time-consuming task, which you’ll have to come back to time and time again if the humidity levels are not corrected.

During colder months, you may see moisture building up on the windows indicating that humidity levels are too high. Left unchecked, it can cause water damage and wood to rot. Repair bills to replace affected wood can extend into the thousands, particularly if the internal framework is affected.