An educated community can make a difference

Now that power bills are soaring, the concept of draft proofing and air barriers is gaining more attention in the Australian media than ever before. As a community, we will not only help each other save money, but also step up to meet the global challenge to protect our fragile environment.

The next chapter in the draft proofing story is to educate the young, especially school age children, so that when they grow up, draft proofing and air barriers are the norm rather than the exception.

Students are also proven influencers in key social issues. They will be the spokespeople who carry this important message to parents. If we teach our children about how important draft proofing is, and how to spot areas of their house that requires attention, they will be actively protecting their environment and their future.

Our local councils are already supporting draft proofing, offering information on their websites to assist those wanting to reduce their energy consumption. Whether it’s to save money or the environment, everything counts.