A better future for Australian homes

Remember when solar heating first started to make a serious impression on Australian homeowners? The promise of a more efficient and cost effective supply of energy certainly resonated with people. While some wanted to reap the financial rewards, others simply wanted to do their part to help minimise the impact of traditional coal-generated energy on their environment. Not just for them, but for their children and future generations.

Australians are now in the position to step up to the plate once more by draft proofing their homes. But compared to the rest of the world, we have some catching up to do. On average, our homes leak six times

more air than dwellings in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. In those countries, draft proofing is legislated into their building codes. As a result, their homes consume far less energy.

The awareness of draft proofing could not come at a better time for Australians. Energy costs are simply skyrocketing. It’s still a new concept for most, but it is expected that higher standards of draft proofing will become the norm. Those home builders currently offering 5-6 star energy rated homes will without doubt, need to include draft proofing and air barriers in their future designs. As the general public learns more about it, they will be the ones asking their builders “Is it draft proof?”