An airtight way to reduce your cooling bills

It takes a significant amount of energy to keep your home cool, especially during an Australian Summer. When operating, it is one of the largest energy users in the house, so when it comes to reducing your cooling bill, we don’t want to make it work harder than it needs to. This is why creating an effective air barrier is so important in keeping the cold air in and the warm air out.

If your home leaks cold air, you may have to set the thermostat lower than needed to get the desired level of comfort. So while you want the room to feel 25ºC, you have to set it to 24ºC to achieve

the temperature. Unfortunately, for every 1°C decrease of the thermostat, it will cost you approximately 10% more in energy.


To give you an idea of how much more energy air conditioning uses, ceiling fans use about 70 watts to run, about the same as a light bulb. Air conditioning units typically use between 1000-2000 watts to run. So the less you need to use them the better.