About Efficiency Matrix Draft Proofing

After 15 years of experience in the building industry, John Konstantakopoulos, founder of Efficiency Matrix, found a serious gap in the way we design and construct our homes and commercial buildings. When it came to draft proofing, Australia was simply being left behind the rest of the world.

John traveled to the United States and Canada where he was able to gain firsthand knowledge and insights into new and better standards of building. Of particular interest to John was the way buildings were being designed to improve air filtration and air quality. In Australia, making buildings airtight was never a concern and rarely considered in their design. As a result, if a building needed to be retro-fitted to be airtight, it would have to undergo significant and expensive renovation.

At the time, Australia was becoming more and more focused on creating less of an impact on the environment, so the decision to bring air barrier technology to Australia was an easy one for John. Efficiency Matrix has over the last 10 years undertaken significant Research and Development in conjunction with leading universities and institutions to Australianise the air barrier technology, and has established itself as the leading supplier of products and service for draft proofing in Australia.